20 years of experience with Ilizarov methods, Ilizarov technology, Ilizarov philosophy
Dr. Stefan Bozinovski - orthopaedic surgeon view presentation download  517 KB
Common expirience with Ilizarov methods
Dr. Stefan Bozinovski, Dr. Zoran Bitrakovski, Dr.Saso Nedeski view presentation - download  1704 KB
Application of Ilizarov mini apparatus in hand digits reconstruction elongation of amputated digits
     division of syndactylia
     correction of digital deviation
Dr. Zoran Bitrakovski
view presentation - download  1284 KB
Part of the job of the centre for paraplegia
Prof. d-r Mile D. Micunovic, dr. sci. D-r Pavel Ivanoski view presentation - download  1959 KB
Endoprothesis replacement
Dr. Tomislav Petrovski view presentation - download  171 KB
Treatment of dysplastic and luxation coxarthrosis
Dr. Saso Nedeski, Dr. Nikola Razmovski
- Modern trends -
view presentation download  686 KB
DHS method in treatment of the fracture of proximal end of femur
Dr. Bogojevski Lj. view presentation - download  2003 KB
Arthroscopy of the knee
Dr. Aco Veleski & Dr. Saso Nedeski view presentation - download  822 KB
Treatment of spine deformity - scoliosis and kyphosis
Dr. Vladimir Strezoski, Dr. Dimko Savev view presentation - download  709 KB
Presentation of a part of the neurosurgical department activites
 Dr. Mitre Miloseski view presentation - download  783 KB
Diagnostic imaging
Dr. Zoran Veljanoski, Department of Radiology and Ultrasound, Orthopaedic Hospital St. Erazmo - Ohrid view presentation - download  1221 KB
Urology, Sexology and Reconstructive - Surgeries on Skin and Soft Tissues
Prof. d-r Mile D. Micunovic, MD - urology view presentation - download  288KB


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